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Special Projects and Endowement

Special Projects and Endowment

All support of any nature to Carson Long Military Academy is deeply appreciated and helps enable the school to fulfill its life changing educational mission.

The projects listed below though are prioritized areas of school life where we are requesting help in order to make an immediate difference to the delivery of our program in support of the Corps of Cadets.

Gifts in Kind

Gifts in Kind

Another way to support Carson Long is with a gift of goods and services. From classroom supplies to vehicles to professional marketing advice, there is no limit to the type of in-kind gifts that will help Carson Long maintain its facilities and enhance its programs.

One recent in-kind gift of note came from George Warren Schiele '49, who donated LED lights for the entire campus. His initial gift, valued at $80,000, will save the school almost a quarter million dollars over its lifecycle.

Another gift came from Dean Hankinson '64, who designed, created, and installed two stained glass transoms, one in Centennial Hall and one in the Maples.

Andy Mayo '70, a newly elected trustee, has been providing professional advice to facilitate the installation of a fiber optic network to ensure consistent high-speed internet access for all.

If you have something in mind - a gift or a service - please contact the school. There may be others with similar intentions, or a way to work your gift in with others to leverage even greater results.

Carson Long Heritage Society

The historic 1840 Maples is the administrative heart and welcome center of Carson Long Military Academy. It houses, the President and Vice President, Business Manager, Director of Advancement, Academic Dean, College Counselor, Admissions Director and Associate, Registrar, and Receptionist. Its community space is used for faculty meetings, teaching, Parents Association gatherings, Open House receptions, and on numerous occasions, local organizations that include the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, and Perry County Economic Development group.

A $1,000 gift will not only help preserve this historic building for many future generations, but secure you membership of the Carson Long Heritage Society.

Chapel Flag Sponsorship

Although Carson Long's COL Edward L. Holman Chapel is not nearly as large as the one at the Citadel (pictured above), thanks to the vision of MSG (RET) Roy F. "Rocky" Chandler, we have the opportunity to emulate one of one of that facility's hallmark features: the flags that adorn the side walls. While Rocky - who passed away on December 24, 2015, after a heroic battle with cancer - was working with master craftsman Rex Krugman on the Honor Rostrum, he envisioned hand-carved, native wood flag holders that would line the walls of the Holman Chapel. He explained his vision to Mr. Krugman, and in true Rocky style, put the plans into motion so that his goal would be achieved even if he did not live to see it through.

Rocky, who attended the Citadel after he graduated from Carson Long before enlisting, especially appreciated the the color and detail the flags brought to the chapel, and wanted the same for his beloved Holman Chapel. He also wanted a way - another way - to support Carson Long financially. The result is the Holman Chapel Flag Initiative.

There will be a total of only 20 opportunities to sponsor a flag - the hand carved flag holder and the flag itself - at $1,000 per sponsorship. Here are the guidelines:

1. Only 20 flags are available for sponsorship.

2. The $1,000 sponsorship includes the flag holder, the pole, the flag, the installation, and a display commitment of at least 10 years.

3. Traditional US military flags, flags of any of the United States, and flags of nations represented by former or current Carson Long students are automatically approved. Creative or original flags must be approved by a committee consisting of Carson Long's President, Vice-President, Director of Advancement, and Senior Alumni Trustee. Carson Long also controls placement/location.

4. Sponsors will be recognized here on the website, on Facebook, in the newsletter, with a news release, and with signage or a chart in the Chapel.

5. Flags will be dedicated annually at the Alumni Association Annual Meeting or during June Week.

Carson Long Endowement

Building on a legacy gift from longtime glee club director and trustee Frank Magee, donations to Carson Long's Endowment Fund build principal that generates interest to be used for current projects and ongoing needs. A gift to the Carson Long Endowment will always be the gift that keeps giving.

Are my contributions tax deductible?

Yes, donations to Carson Long are tax deductible pursuant to current IRS regulations.

Can I specify how my donation is used?

Yes, just let us know at the time you make your donation what your preferences are.

Can I make an anonymous gift and still get a tax deduction?

Yes, just inform the Office of Advancement. We will issue your acknowledgment/thank-you letter but will not publish your name.

Can I make a gift in memory or in honor of someone?

Yes, just let the Office of Advancement know.

How can I publicize my gift to encourage others to suppor the school?

There are a lot of ways to publicize your gift, from having a building or program named for you to sending news releases to featuring your gift on social media and in publications.

Can my tuition payments count as donations?

Sorry, no. If you receive a benefit, then it's a payment, not a donation.

Carson Long Giving/Donation Portal

Your contributions to Carson Long, EIN 23-1352359, are tax deductible pursuant to current IRS regulations.

Please contact the Advancement Office with any questions at 717-582-2121.

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