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Carson Long Military Academy 1925 Graduating Class

Carson Long Military Academy traces its roots to 1836 with the establishment of the Bloomfield Academy - six students and their teacher meeting in one room over the Rhinesmith Tavern on the square in New Bloomfield. Four years later, the school moved to its
 present location. The building now known as The Maples was constructed by Dr. Jonas Ickes to serve as Bloomfield Academy. Throughout the 19th century, Bloomfield Academy changed hands several times, with different owners adding buildings and modifying the curriculum to meet current needs.

1914, the school was purchased by Theodore K. Long, a
 Millerstown native, Bloomfield Academy alumnus, and prominent Chicago lawyer. He renamed the school Carson Long Institute as a memorial to his only child, William Carson Long, who had died at a young age. Colonel Long began to fulfill his mission of providing at-risk boys with leadership and character skills by transforming Bloomfield Academy into a military school. By 1919, the transformation was complete and Colonel Long engaged the services of his nephew, Edward L. Holman - also a Bloomfield Academy alumnus - when he returned home after serving in World War I. Colonel Carson E.R. Holman, son of Colonel Edward L. Holman and great-nephew of Colonel Theodore Long, served as the school's leader until his retirement in 2007.

Today, Carson Long's campus has grown to almost 60 acres with nine buildings. The school provides a unique blend of academics, leadership opportunities, athletics, and social activities that help develop well-rounded individuals with strong bodies and sound minds.

Carson Long Military Academy - Circa 1925

Carson Long Military Academy
200 North Carlisle Street New Bloomfield, PA 17068

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