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The Admissions Process

The Carson Long Admissions and Enrollment processes are conducted online, via SchoolAdmin.

Using SchoolAdmin ensures that applying to Carson Long is seamless, efficient, and paperless. All applicants must use SchoolAdmin to complete all Admissions and Enrollment documents.

Exploring Carson Long

  1. Explore Carson Long Military Academy online, through social media.
  2. Explore CLMA's Virtual Tour to discover more about our campus from the comfort of your home.
  3. Call the Admissions Department to discuss the candidate, the school's program, tuition, and more.
  4. Schedule a personal campus tour or sign up for an open house.

Carson Long's Online Application Process

  1. Create a username and password through CLMA's online admissions portal, SchoolAdmin.https://carsonlong.schooladminonline.com/portal
  2. Complete "Application for Admissions", submit.
  3. Pay $65 application fee via check or credit card.
  4. Complete "Parent Questionnaire," submit.
  5. Complete "Student Questionnaire," submit.
  6. Send "English Teacher Recommendation" to English teacher via email, ask that they complete it, submit.
  7. Send "Math Teacher Recommendation" to Math teacher via email, ask that they complete it, submit.
  8. Send "School Administrator Recommendation" to school Guidance Counselor or Principal via email, ask that they complete it, submit it.
  9. Fill out "Transcript Request Form," submit to current school's guidance office for the following documents:
    1. Official transcript, signed with school seal.
    2. Working, current schedule and grades (for current year).
    3. Discipline & Attendance Records.
    4. Health and Immunization Records.
    5. Additional Letters of Recommendation (optional).
  10. Complete an interview with a member of the Carson Long Admissions Team.
  11. Receive acceptance letter via email and on paper.

Carson Long's Registration & Enrollment Process

  1. After receiving your acceptance letter from Carson Long, you can begin to sign and complete Carson Long's Enrollment and Registration documents.
  2. ALL Enrollment and Registration documents MUST be completed and submitted PRIOR to Registration Day at Carson Long. Each form can be signed electronically.
    1. Enrollment Demographic Form
    2. Cadet Arrival Form
    3. Permissions and Agreements Forms
    4. Technology Policies
    5. Trip/Absence Policies
    6. Sexual Harassment, Anti-Bullying, and Illegal Substances Policy
    7. New Bloomfield Civic Club birthday cake form

Carson Long's Medical Services Process

Similar to Enrollment and Registration documents, Medical Services forms will be completed, uploaded, and submitted via SchoolAdmin.

Several of the forms are required to be printed, filled out, and signed by the examining physician. In those cases, you must scan the files and upload to the appropriate sections.

Complete the following Medical Services forms:

  1. Immunization Record
  2. Medical Examination
  3. Medical Information
  4. Medical Policies and Permissions
  5. Certification of Authorized Medical Examiner (PIAA athletics participation form. Please ensure that page 6 is completed and signed by the physician completing the physical)
  6. Authorization for Dispensing Medications Form.

Enrollment Management Association SAO

We Accept the SAO from the Enrollment Management Association SAO

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