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Welcome from the Academic Dean

A Carson Long education is based on the principle of “Life-long Learning.” Teaching and learning are not simply daily activities but rather habits of living that are continuous, and encouraged, nurtured, and supported every day by a qualified, professional and dedicated faculty. Here, education is not a destination but rather a journey undertaken with an expansive view toward self-discovery and personal growth. Here, we do not prepare students simply for the next grade level, but rather, we prepare citizens for a life of service – a life that makes a difference. In this sense, academic learning and personal growth are central to every facet of the Carson Long Experience – from the classroom to the athletic fields; from the JROTC Leadership Education and Training Curriculum to the Cadet Battalion; and from the Carson Long Campus to every facet of our Cadet’s lives after they graduate. Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools since its incorporation in 1929, Carson Long graduates fulfill all criteria established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for high school graduation as they prepare intellectually, ethically and morally to be leaders who will make a difference in a vibrant, dynamic and diverse 21st century global society.

A Carson Long Education is a “technology-enabled” intellectual partnership between faculty and students. Interdisciplinary and firmly grounded in a philosophy of “Skills-based Education,” the Carson Long academic program is progressive and deeply relevant to our 21st-century world. Technologically, classroom curriculum delivery is facilitated and complemented by high-speed wireless fiber optic cable through mobile devices that can readily access educational resources. Intellectually, each cadet is responsible to prepare in advance for classes that are naturally collaborative and that emphasize teamwork in the intellectual and practical pursuit of both breadth and depth of understanding. The Carson Long educational philosophy not only values cosmopolitanism and collaboration but also demands critical thinking, creativity, character and communication as well.

A Carson Long education is an intellectual and practical exploration and application of subject matter and life-long skills. Carson Long Cadets learn to take risk as partners in their education. Creative and critical thinking and educational experimentation are actively fostered. In this way, cadets are emboldened to try new approaches, experiment with different learning techniques, apply new technologies and explore new ideas and concepts with faculty to improve their learning environment and experience. Cadets learn that they can “fail” in a particular effort, but without being a “failure.” In doing so, they learn the essential life truth that we often learn more from our failures than we do from our successes. The Carson Long experience is about applying learning – from failing as well as from success – to success in life. People afraid of failure will not get very far – Carson Long prepares its graduates to reach for the future and change the world for the better!


COL John Terrell

Academic Dean

Carson Long Military Academy
200 North Carlisle Street New Bloomfield, PA 17068

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