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PIAA Medical Forms

Prior to any student's participation in practices, inter-school practices, scrimmages, and/or contests at any PIAA member school in any school year, the student is required to (1) complete a Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (CIPPE); and (2) have the appropriate person(s) complete the first six sections of the CIPPE Form. Upon completion of Sections 1 and 2 by the parent/guardian; Sections 3, 4, and 5 by the student and parent/guardian; and Section 6 by an Authorized Medical Examiner (AME), those sections must be turned in to the principal, or the principal's designee of the student's school for retention by the school. The CIPPE may not be authorized earlier than June 1 and shall be effective, regardless of when performed during a school year, until the next May 31.
SUBSEQUENT SPORT(S) IN THE SAME SCHOOL YEAR: Following completion of a CIPPE, the same student seeking to participate in practices, inter-school practices, scrimmages, and/or contests in subsequent sport(s) in the same school year must complete Section 7 of this form and must turn in that Section to the principal or principal's designee of his school. The principal or the principal's designee will then determine whether Section 8 need be completed.


Section 7 (Recertification without injury)

Section 8 (Recertification by Doctor)

NCAA and Student Athlete information

Any high school athlete who wishes to participate in a collegiate sport must make sure that he is eligible to play. The rules and requirements regarding eligibility can be found on the NCAA website.
Students are able to register at anytime; however, it is recommended that they register during their sophomore year. The Eligibility Center will evaluate a student once all information has been received AND when the student's status has been requested by a NCAA institution.The current Division I and II Initial Eligibility Requirements
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