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The mission of Carson Long's JROTC program is "to motivate our cadets to be better citizens." JROTC teaches a wide range of subjects designed to reinforce other areas of the academic curriculum such as study skills, communications, leadership, management, resume writing/career search techniques, and citizenship. In addition, the JROTC program exposes cadets to basic life skills, which will serve them well upon graduation. These life skills include problem solving and time management, race relations, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, personal fitness through proper diet and exercise, map reading, orienteering, and military drill. The JROTC Program also provides cadets the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive activities, such as Drill Teams, Raiders and Adventure Training. The focus of the program is to develop within the cadets a sense of personal pride in a job well done, teamwork, self-discipline, and the desire to do the right thing.

Carson Long Military Academy
200 North Carlisle Street New Bloomfield, PA 17068

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