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Academy Life

Academy Life at Carson Long Military Academy is brimming full of action each and every day. Whether in the college prep curriculum, award winning JROTC program, afternoon athletics that is focused on team building or participation in the many off-campus weekend trips, there is simply no time to be bored at Carson Long! Provided by a professional and encouraging faculty and staff and experienced through shared endeavor, the Carson Long program creates a sense of enduring brotherhood that transcends mere grade levels and accompanies cadets throughout their lives as a member of a very close and always supportive school family.Time at Carson Long is structured which creates an environment conducive to fostering personal discipline, a strong sense of common responsibility, and a recognition that if something is easy, it is probably not worth the effort necessary to achieve excellence by pushing oneself harder in order to go further.

Academy life at Carson Long is not for the feint of heart; nor is it for those looking simply to scrape by with little to no effort. It is built upon a belief that no man is an island, and that through teamwork, plenty of effort, a willingness to try hard and ask for help, and a tremendous sense of fun, anything can be achieved on the road toward future success.

Carson Long Military Academy Memorial Day Parade

Carson Long Military Academy
200 North Carlisle Street New Bloomfield, PA 17068

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