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Dining Services

Food is a critical part of successful student life at any educational institution, and Carson Long Military Academy is committed to serving nutritious and appetizing meals to our cadets. Carson Long has partnered with Flik Independent School Dining to provide freshly prepared, healthy food options for cadets. Flik prepares meals from fresh, whole ingredients, thereby limiting the use of frozen, canned, and processed foods containing artificial ingredients and preservatives. Flik's on-site managers and chef will routinely conduct surveys of the cadets, faculty, and staff to review the quality and popularity of menu selections and to meet the needs of our cadets. The menu will be rewritten every 12 weeks to maximize variety and appeal. A Nutrition Specialist will also be available to review menus and assist with any dietary concerns such as food allergies. Flik Independent School Dining has initiated the following procedures to make each meal a special event for all Carson Long cadets:

  • Prepare all meals from scratch.
  • Use only fresh, unprocessed meats in the preparation of entrees and for deli stations.
  • Feature mostly fresh vegetables (except frozen peas and corn, never canned).
  • Use real potatoes for mashed potatoes, not powdered.
  • Feature fresh seasonal fruit salads.
  • Cook homemade soups (never canned or frozen).
  • Offer freshly-baked premium cookies.
Carson Long Military Academy
200 North Carlisle Street New Bloomfield, PA 17068

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