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Advisor System

Carson Long Military Academy's Advisor System ensures that in addition to their classroom teachers and faculty officers, Carson Long cadets have one more person in their corner: their advisor. For at least a half hour each week, a group of three to eight cadets meet with their advisor: a member of the staff or faculty assigned to advocate for them, assist with scheduling and academic needs, and generally guide them through their Carson Long career.

Carson Long advisors are mentors and guides, supporting cadets in their social and emotional development. They also act as a central contact between their advisees, the school, and their advisees' families.

Our advisory program includes:

- Academic support and course planning

- Interpersonal activities, such as teambuilding, conflict resolution, policy education, and application

- Social activities recommendations

In addition to providing a personalized, supportive environment for students, the advisor system strengthens the cadets' education by supporting the mission and culture of the school and forming strong bonds between the school and home.

Carson Long Military Academy
200 North Carlisle Street New Bloomfield, PA 17068

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