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News Releases

Mr. Steve Washington is no longer the President and CEO of Carson Long effective July 17, 2018. Colonel John Terrell is now the Acting President and CEO. Please disregard all media accounts that Carson Long will open in Fall 2018. At this point, CLMA is in the process of closing and will not open for the 2018-19 academic year.
Unfortunately, although the prospects of combining with VFMAC are compelling for a variety of reasons, as of today, CLMA has ended discussions with VFMAC as the organizations were unable to find mutually agreeable terms for a joint venture. As a result of this decision, we recommend families interested in having their sons attend VFMAC contact them directly to confirm tuition and other costs that will be incurred at VFMAC. Former students may also seek enrollment at New York Military Academy and Fishburne Military Academy.
It is with a sense of regret, yet great anticipation of opportunities to come that we are announcing that we will not conduct classes at the CLMA campus next year. Instead, we are working with Valley Forge Military Academy and College (VFMAC) to continue operations at their campus in accordance with a joint venture. Please see the attached letter for more details. You may find out more information about VFMAC at this web address: https://www.vfmac.edu
SUPPORT the Carson Long Scholarship Fund by SHARING or DONATING to our GoFundMe Campaign to support three students for the rest of the academic year with a scholarship to attend Carson Long!
Carson Long Military Academy
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