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Why give to Carson Long?

Giving should be a joyful, voluntary act that brings as much pride and pleasure to the donor as it does to the recipient. At Carson Long, we are grateful for every gift, but especially for donations from people who know the impact of a Carson Long education and the significance of their investment on the school and on all the people who have benefitted from its existence over the centuries and will continue to benefit well into the future. If Carson Long's mission to inspire young men to strive for academic excellence, build strong character and reach their highest potential as future citizens and ethical leaders in a global community resonates with you, I hope you will make a gift.

Carson Long is blessed with generous, informed supporters who know that their gifts sustain a historically significant institution - the oldest private boarding school in the nation to provide military leadership training - ensure a high quality education for currently enrolled cadets - and provide the strong framework for a relevant and successful future.

If all our rich tradition and proven success weren't enough, Carson Long is also a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN 23-1352359. Your donations support an effective and efficient educational institution, and they're tax deductible.

Welcome, thank you, and please contact me with any questions, about making a gift to Carson Long Military Academy, where our longstanding motto "How to Learn, How to Labor, How to Live" informs every aspect of school life.

Carson Long Military Academy
200 North Carlisle Street New Bloomfield, PA 17068

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