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Annual Giving

Although Carson Long is a tuition-driven school, tuition alone does not balance the budget. Your annual, unrestricted support is needed, and every gift is important. The Annual Fund bridges the gap between what tuition covers and the actual cost of educating each cadet. Annual Giving touches virtually every aspect of life at Carson Long. Because Carson Long is also a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, your donations are tax deductible pursuant to current IRS regulations.

- All donations are important

Foundations and corporations base their awards on both the level of participation and the amount of support.

- Every gift can help Carson Long leverage other support.

As an example, bond-rating agencies often factor in family/alumni participation when determining the interest rate Carson Long would pay if it needed to borrow money.

- Every gift signifies approval for Carson Long's mission and sustains our reputation for excellence.

Also known as voting with your wallet, your gift is a tangible measure of your endorsement for Carson Long's mission and values.

Carson Long Annual Fund Giving Portal

Your contributions to Carson Long, EIN 23-1352359, are tax deductible pursuant to current IRS regulations.

Please note that CLMA Annual Fund gifts are unrestricted.

Please contact the Advancement Office with any questions at 717-582-2121.

Payment Options

I will be paying a charge of $ for months for an overall total of $ for years for an overall total of $ times for an overall total of $ times for an overall total of $ beginning with a charge today of $
Remaining payments will take place between and with the next payment occurring on

You can cancel your subscription by emailing mark.morgan@carsonlong.org or calling 717-582-2121

Carson Long Military Academy
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