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Call for Notable Carson Long Alumni Nominees and Book of Honor Inclusion Cards

David B. “Rocky” McCoy ‘73

Over the years, Carson Long Military Academy has helped shape the lives of countless cadets. However, the truest measure of Carson Long’s success as an institution can be found in the notable achievements of its graduates.

The Book of Honor was an idea introduced by the late Rocky Chandler. In presenting the idea to the school, he invited graduates (25 years after their graduation) to submit a postcard with three or four of their noteworthy achievements. Should you attend Friday Morning Chapel, you will hear a cadet read the names and achievements of graduates. Inclusion is by self-nomination, and if you have yet to do so, I strongly encourage you to. Here is how our dear friend Rocky’s entry reads.

Roy "Rocky" Chandler





While the Book of Honor has been around since I was the Alumni Association newsletter editor in the late 1990s, the present Administration has deemed it appropriate to go a step further. Beginning this year, the Carson Long Board and Administration will begin recognizing Notable Carson Long Alumni. Because this has been long in coming, deceased cadets who have attended Carson Long may be nominated. Also, a person need not have graduated to be nominated.

Considered areas of achievement include:

Military service


Success in the fine arts: recognized works of art or music; publications; patents; published articles with bylines, etc.

Public service

Contributions in chosen field

Advancements in chosen field

  • How the school’s values and/or the motto, How to Learn, How to Labor and How to live, served as guiding principles in your (the nominee’s) life and career?

Please note, our school has had a student body with a wide array of interests, and this request for information tries to address that fact. Consequently, some of the bases for comparison may not apply to every nominee.

In considering a nominee, please keep in mind the definition of notable: Worthy of notice; remarkable; memorable; noted or distinguished; as, a notable event, person.

Should you wish to submit a name, please include the year of graduation (if known). Please just submit the name because he will be asked to complete the questionnaire.

Up-to-date contact information for your nominee would be very helpful. Also, a photo you may have would be a bonus, but we can find one at the school.

If a nominee is deceased, then please try to list/describe their areas of achievement. Also, if you can, please enclose an obituary.

Self-nominations are welcome! And as above, please submit only your name.

Names of nominees should be sent/emailed/faxed to:

Anna Brennan at anna.brennan@carsonlong.org or

Kurt Bopp at kurt.bopp@carsonlong.org

Carson Long Military Academy

200 North Carlisle Street

New Bloomfield, PA 17068

Office Phone: 717.582.2121

Fax: 717.582.7287

Carson Long Military Academy
200 North Carlisle Street New Bloomfield, PA 17068

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