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Teaching and Learning

Private School Art Classes

Education is not a mechanical process by which information can simply be regurgitated day in and day out akin to an assembly line. Rather it is a human system – it is about people of all ages who thrive when they can become passionate about a subject. In such an environment, the role of the teacher is to mentor, stimulate, provoke, and engage students. The goal is to create a climate of natural learning where curiosity is applauded and creative passions are celebrated. Creating this culture of passionate learning is the personal and professional objective of every instructor at Carson Long.

Below you will find examples of the dynamic, exciting, and fun- filled educational experiences enjoyed by Carson Long cadets throughout both our regular academic departments and special additional summer offerings:

Spanish Class Trip to El Rodeo

Spanish class learning on a trip to El Rodeo

CLMA Cadets Visit WW1 and WW2 European Battlefields

CLMA Cadets Navigate Gettysburg by Army Values

CLMA Teaching and Learning Montage

Carson Long Military Academy Learning Montage

CLMA Art Portfolio

Carson Long Military Academy Student Art Portfolio

CLMA NAIS 20:20 Global Challenge

CLMA European History Tour

Carson Long Military Academy European History Tour

CLMA Glee Club

Carson Long Military Academy Music Programs

CLMA Rock Concert

Carson Long Military Academy Rock Concert

Carson Long Military Academy Rock Concert

Carson Long Military Academy Rock Concert

Carson Long Military Academy Rock Concert

CLMA Literary Society

Cadet Gavin Sickler sets the standard in Literary Society

Cadet Alfonso Migliarini meets the standard in Literary Society
Carson Long Military Academy
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