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Financial Aid

High School Military Academy Financial Aid

Carson Long Military Academy is committed to socioeconomic diversity in the Corps of Cadets.

As such, we are happy to offer financial aid to those families who qualify. We understand the adverse financial conditions that many families face and are willing to consider any family for a financial aid award.

Carson Long Financial Aid Process

Financial Aid

  1. Financial Aid is available at Carson Long Military Academy to promote socio-economic diversity among the Corps of Cadets and to make Carson Long Military Academy an inclusive and diverse educational community.
  2. Financial Aid at Carson Long is allocated through a committee of school leaders, including:
    1. President, Business Manager, Development Director, and Admissions & Financial Aid Director.
  3. The Financial Aid Committee analyzes complete Form 1040s from the two previous tax years. The Committee requires complete submission of Schedules A, B, and C of the forms.
  4. The Financial Aid Committee also requests authorization to obtain a consumer credit report for each family that applies for Financial Aid.
  5. Carson Long Military Academy is fortunate to receive financial support from alumni, their families, and friends in the form of merit, leadership, and academic-based scholarships that ENROLLED students are eligible to receive each year. Carson Long faculty and staff vote to allocate the scholarships each year to students who meet the criteria that is established or each scholarship.
  6. In order to apply for Financial Aid, please contact the Director of Admissions & Financial Aid.

2016-17 Financial Aid

Carson Long is committed to socio-economic diversity among the Corps of Cadets. Financial Aid at Carson Long functions as a discount, meaning the amount of the award is subtracted from the total financial obligation.

Financial Aid is awarded on a first come, first serve basis. In order to be considered for maximum financial aid, you must submit your 2014 & 2015 complete 1040s and apply early! The earlier a completed application for Admissions and Financial Aid are submitted, the more likely a family will receive an award!

Call 717-582-2121 for more information.

2017-18 Financial Aid

For 2017-18, Carson Long is again committed to socio-economic diversity among the Corps of Cadets. Financial Aid awards vary depending on an individual family's financial circumstances.

In order to provide increased access to Carson Long and it's award-winning programs, the following are considered for financial aid awards:

1. Carson Long legacy discounts: for relatives of former CLMA alumni and attendees.

2. PA resident discount: for residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

3. Tri-state resident discount: for residents of New York, New Jersey, and Maryland.

4. Military or uniformed services discount: for the young male relatives of military or uniformed services personnel. In order the qualify, the veteran must be the young man's parent, grand parent, or legal guardian. The military service award is $5,000.

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