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Carson Long Military Academy Parent Testimonials

Carson Long has a long and storied history, and that story cannot be told without the parents and families behind the cadets who entrust their greatest, and most precious resources to us, their sons!

From time to time, parents express their heartfelt thanks and appreciation for Carson Long's faculty and staff, and those messages will be shared on this page.

Testimonial from a new Carson Long cadet and his mother after the first six weeks of school

For anyone, the adjustment to daily life at a boarding school can be difficult. Add in the structure, routine, self-discipline, standards, and academic rigor of a military boarding school like Carson Long Military Academy, and it can be overwhelming.

We always expect it take a little bit of time for the cadets to hit their stride, and week six is about the time that usually takes place. 2017-18 is no exception to this rule. Below are the words of a new cadet to his mother about finally putting it all together:

Hey Mom,

All is well here at Carson Long. I have been staying out of trouble and completing my school work regularly. With that being said, I was promoted just today to Master Sergeant, and Platoon Leader in my new building, I had to move because I used to live elsewhere. I am faced with a lot of responsibilities, however, I like the fact that I made rank, and am not just some cadet. Today, my soccer team won the first game of the season. I am one of three team captains and had the assist on the game winning goal! We are improving everyday and that’s all I can ask for. Tomorrow, I am going on a trip to Walmart, Buffalo Wild Wings, and SkyZone. I could not ask for a better weekend!

Here is his mom’s delighted response to Carson Long’s faculty and staff:

My son has had this potential for a long time, but he was constantly overshadowed by a set of triplets at his old school. These three boys were at the top of his class at the small public school he attended back home. The triplets have an impressive record and talents, as they each compete in Cross Country, play soccer, play a different instrument, have their own rock band, and rank 1, 2, and 3 academically in the class. My son was not able to compete with these students, and was not recognized for his talents, so he reacted by becoming the opposite kind of guy.

At Carson Long, he is getting recognition. Team Captain. Platoon Leader. Master Sargeant. Please share my thanks with the entire staff - - everyone has a hand in grown success for my son. This email was my first communication that I had from him in a long time. He wasn’t speaking to me. He was angry and feeling sorry for himself. He seems to be hitting his stride now. He seems to be getting it!

Testimonial from Jeff & Lorraine Katz, parents of Remy Katz '16

Carson Long Military Academy has been a place of structure, honor and academics.

It's not easy for teenagers to be away from home, but as parents, we must realize when it is to their benefit to be outside of their regular environment.
You must also chose wisely what that place should be.

None of my four children attended the same school, there is a place for everyone. You just have to do your research and find it. My son at Avon Old Farms has transferred for the fall to Loomis Chaffee. One daughter went to Kingwood Oxford and one the public high school. Everyone has a place they will thrive at and achieve the highest level of their potential.

Carson Long was the place for Remy.

Not only did it serve him academically, but nurturing wise yet structurally. He developed a sense of purpose and love of the military. Without passion, there is no direction. Carson Long, for him, installed a passion of love of country and the services. None of this gets accomplished without fine teachers.
Teachers are the backbone of our children's futures.

We thank you all for the attention and patience, the discipline and teaching, and, mostly, for making Carson Long a special place.
Carson Long Military Academy
200 North Carlisle Street New Bloomfield, PA 17068

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