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Carson Long Military Academy is approved as both a Scholarship Organization and an Opportunity Scholarship Organization as part of Pennsylvania's EITC - Educational Improvement Tax Credit program.

Families who reside in Pennsylvania and meet state-mandated residence & income criteria may qualify for tuition scholarships. To apply for an EITC scholarship, the family must submit the EITC Scholarship application to Carson Long.

Who is eligible to receive an OSTC scholarship?

The Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program allows businesses to contribute to an opportunity scholarship organization that provides funding to eligible students who reside within the attendance boundaries of a low-achieving school. A low-achieving school is defined as a public elementary or secondary school in Pennsylvania that ranks in the bottom 15 percent of its designation as an elementary or secondary school based on combined Mathematics/Algebra 1 and Reading/Literature scores on the most recent annual assessment (PASA, PSSA, and/or Keystone). This term does not include a brick-and-mortar charter school, cyber charter school, or area vocational-technical school. Students (including students entering kindergarten) who reside within the boundaries of a low-achieving school as of the first day of classes will be eligible to apply for an opportunity scholarship. Eligible students may include children residing within the boundaries of a low-achieving school who:

• Currently attend a low-achieving school;

• Are currently enrolled in a non-public school;

• Were previously home schooled; or

• Were previously attending a charter or cyber charter. Eligible students are defined as those school-age children living in the attendance boundary of a low-achieving school as of the first day of classes and whose household income meets the following criteria:

  • - Annual income no greater than $75,000 plus $15,000 for each dependent member of the household; and
  • - For students with a disability, additional adjustment for the allowance will be made pursuant to the law. The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) will annually publish a list of the bottom 15 percent of elementary schools and the bottom 15 percent of secondary schools.
  • What is the award amount for an OSTC scholarship?

    Opportunity Scholarship Amount: The maximum amount of an opportunity scholarship awarded to an eligible student is as follows:

    • $8,500 for a student without a disability

    • $15,000 for a student with a disability

    What if my school comes off the list of the bottom 15%?

    Continuation of Scholarship: A scholarship organization may award a scholarship to an applicant who resides within the attendance boundary of a low-achieving school to attend a participating public school or a participating nonpublic school selected by the parent of the applicant. If an applicant who received an opportunity scholarship under for the prior school year resides within the attendance boundary of a school that was removed from the list of low-achieving schools provided by the department, the applicant may receive an educational opportunity scholarship. The scholarship may be for each year of enrollment in a participating public school or participating nonpublic school for up to the lesser of five years or until completion of grade 12 provided the applicant otherwise remains eligible.

    How do I know whether or not my school is on the OSTC list?

    The list is updated annually, after Keystone exam results are available.

    For 2016-17, click the image below for the complete list.

    How can I apply for an OSTC scholarship at Carson Long?

    The form below includes additional program information, and a one-page application.

    Please download, complete, and submit to jairee.counterman@carsonlong.org for review.

    OSTC Military High School Scholarship

    After I apply, what are my next steps?

    In order to receive OSTC funding at Carson Long, you must complete a user profile on SSS by NAIS. Please review the Financial Aid portion of the Admissions page for additional information.

    Carson Long requires two years of tax returns and Form 1040 with all applicable schedules, for review and financial aid award determination.

    In addition, your tax returns must be verified by a third party to ensure their accuracy and validity.

    If everything checks out, you're eligible for the scholarship!

    Where can I find more information about EITC and OSTC?

    Please visit the following links for additional information about EITC and OSTC.

    NEWPA EITC Program Information

    NEWPA OSTC Program Information

    PA Dept. of Education OSTC Information

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